Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a spirit of hope to those without a place to live and return their sense of dignity through independent living. The focus of our mission is to build a micro housing community with supportive services for local individuals without shelter. Experts tell us that one of the most important foundations to rebuilding one’s life is safe and stable housing within a supportive environment.

Micro Homes

Shasta Humanity Project is developing a community of micro homes that are designed, created and manufactured right here in Shasta County. These homes are attractive affordable and transportable. Constructed by a State licensed contractor, they feature everything necessary to encourage independent living. This 207 square foot home includes kitchen, bathroom, dining and sleeping areas. The first prototype has been completed and we are seeking funding and support to move forward.

What are the Cost?

You might ask “how will you pay ongoing costs?”. Well, our residents are not without resources. Their resources are just limited. Our partnership with the Health Housing and Hope Alliance will provide needed skills, build confidence and prepare them to live sustainably. And, because our homes are transportable, we can easily provide housing solutions for other communities too. This will create job opportunities within our own.