Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a spirit of hope to those without a place to live and return their sense of dignity through independent living.

What does H.U.T.T stand for?

Habitable Unit That is Transportable (H.U.T.T)

Where will the community be located?

Currently we do not have a location. We have looked at several different parcels both in the city and in the county and have not found property that would meet all our community and resident’s needs. We are looking for land that would provide easy access to public transportation and is large enough to accommodate our planned community.

Who will live in the homes?

Individuals and couples over the age of 18. This phase of our community will not allow us to accommodate adults with children.

How long can they live in community?

Up to 24 months.

Why do we need a homeless community here?

The 2016, the Shasta County Point in Time (P.I.T) count identified approximately 934 individuals as homeless on that day. The number of people experiencing homelessness throughout the year in Shasta County continues to increase every year. Lack of affordable housing, limited income, education and history of trauma, are just a few of the contributing factors to the rise of homelessness in Shasta County. Our plan offers an affordable housing solution.

How many homes will be in the community?

The first phase of our planned community will have 30 individual units, as well as community center with kitchen, meeting spaces, computer work stations, admin offices and laundry. We would also like to have a garden area and workshop for our residents.

Is it free to live in the community?

Residents will be asked to pay 30% of their income towards rent. If resident does not have income, they will be connected to resources whether that be: employment, SSI, unemployment or by donating volunteer hours to community.

Who will supervise or manage the community?

The community will be self-governed with oversight provided by the Board of Directors. Based on best practices in other like settings, the community will be governed by a community council. The members of the council will be residents of the community elected by other residents. Specific roles will be identified and filled to maintain a safe and sanitary environment. Weekly meetings will be held in which all residents must attend and vote on issues affecting the community.

How will we choose the residents?

There will be a screening process and a probation period of all new residents. As a requirement of residency in the community, all applicants will sign a Community Agreement that states expected behaviors and consequences for violations.

Basic, non-negotiable rules are: No violence to yourselves or others, No theft or weapons, No alcohol, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia and No repetitive, disruptive behavior. Everyone must contribute to the operation and maintenance of the community.

What happens when resident violates rules?

Level 1 – Verbal Warning

Level 2 – Written Warning

Level 3 – 48-hour expulsion from Village

Level 4 – Permanent expulsion from Village

Will residents be drug tested?

No, we will not be drug testing residents. However, consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or possession of drug paraphernalia or weapons are not allowed on the property. Refer to the community agreement that states expected behaviors and consequences for violations.

What about security:

The SHP community will have a single entrance/exit that will be staffed by trained residents. Designated members of the SHP community will be authorized to take action regarding any violations of the community agreements. In a situation in which resident security staff is unable to gain cooperation of a resident, the police will be called for assistance.

All visitors will be required to register at the front gate and be escorted by a resident.

What type of services will be offered in the community?

SHP community will enter formal agreements with outside agencies such as, Shasta County HHSA, Shasta Community, Empire Recovery, One Safe Place, NVCSS, Veterans Resource Center, Etc.